Discover our new Peter Langner Casa collection


A bridal universe that diversifies between simple and clean architectural lines of the Peter Langner Milano 2024 collection and the importance of accentuated volumes and innovative narrow silhouettes our couture gowns now being presented in our new White Gold collection, made with the most precious fabrics and unsurpassed craftsmanship have a single common denominator: Made in Italy.

The bridal world is not all the same

it is difficult to identify trends because the taste and tradition of our customers is vast and different, being known and distributed all over the world. The European clientele is very different from the Oriental or American ones, Peter Langner therefore tries to offer different gowns in design and construction, always inspired by innovation, creativity and craftsmanship.

Innovative and timeless designs

The Peter Langner Milano 2024 bridal collection is characterized by sophisticated, elegant and refined gowns that go beyond time and fashions. Making simple dresses does not mean making simple ones. It means designed and executed with skill, with particular attention to the use of eco-sustainable and recycled fibers. Our craftsmen, our seamstresses, are precious elements to make unusual and unique wedding dresses with new cuts and materials that are different from the usual.


Getting married also means being protagonists, at least for one day

With this thought the White Gold Collection was born, a collection aimed at a bride who wants to be extraordinary. We suggest “cultured sophistication” even if amplification and excitement are the keywords of the wedding. After all, at these weddings there is not just a florist but a floral designer, not a cook but a master chef, not just a singer but a band.. That day must be marked by enthusiasm and dreams. Everything is done with passion and ardor, including our gowns.

The White Gold Bridal Collection is just that: perfection in the volumes, in our embroideries, in our trains, in our necklines as well as innovative, fun, ecological and responsible. Very sophisticated and glamorous, perfect for the "modern princess" who wants to be unforgettable.



The White Gold collection is available exclusively in Italy in our Peter Langner Showroom in Milan, in via Bigli 19, and in a few selected stores around the world.

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