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Are we about to witness the rise of the mini wedding dress? Yes, all the signs are there.

Mini dresses remain a popular option for brides to change after the ceremony or dinner, allowing for more movement and comfort to keep dancing until the wee hours. If you're looking for a mini dress for parties, play up the details like lace, sequins and embroidery. Or perhaps, you are just one of those brides whose style steers them to less convention and whose personality fits just wearing a mini bridal gown for your entire event?

Once reserved only for civil weddings, mini wedding gowns are now experiencing a moment of glory. Short wedding dresses are one of the biggest bridal trends we've seen emerge in recent years, and we at Peter Langner couldn't love them more!

There are plenty of options to choose from, with countless mini dresses available in different fabrics, styles and necklines. In short, no matter if your aesthetic is classic or modern, romantic or elegant, and no matter where you are getting married or the kind of event you are planning, there is a mini wedding dress that will suit you.

Minis are also ideal for an engagement party, your bachelorette party, cake cutting, or the dancing party after your wedding dinner.

A growing number of brides-to-be are opting for shorter wedding dresses that add some drama, shape and, let's face it, leg!

Will this be the next 2024 Bridal Trend?


Searches for "mini wedding dresses" have increased worldwide since the Sofia Richie-Grainge and Gwen Stefani’s wedding. Popular brides, including Kourtney Kardashian, Lily Allen and Chiara Ferragni, have all opted for minis for a part of the overall event, if not all of their celebration, going against convention and accelerating the trend.

If that doesn't tell you to give them a chance, I don't know what will.

That's why we've searched for the best short nuptial dresses for the modern bride; there are gorgeous above-the-ankle or above-the-knee styles that will make you feel (and look) just as spectacular as you would with a ball gown, and we've collected them for you.

Of course, for brides who find it difficult to choose just one dress, there is always the option of buying a classic bridal gown for the day and switching to a shorter one for the reception and dancing. After all, when it comes to weddings, you have the power to write the rules.

Such is the case with our SOPHIE gown; a ball gown whose tulle petticoat being detachable transforms your princess gown into a precious guipure lace mini-dress, perfect for a mid-evening outfit change during the wedding if you want to stay chic by simply removing a layer.


No longer reserved just for the reception, shorter dresses offer a sense of relaxed, cool elegance while still drawing attention. Frill-free, romantic and made for celebration, short styles are a chic option for modern weddings, whether your big day involves a church service, a beach ceremony or a small, intimate event.

If important, princess wedding dresses are not your vibes, you may want to opt for a longuette bridal dress; our MAIORI Chantilly lace gown with Bishop sleeves adds a modern twist to a traditional design.


An alternative is the sculptural design of the MUGHETTO Tea-length wedding dress, made of shiny organza, perfectly hugs the top of your body while the fabric's wet look lends a glamorous touch.


Short dresses are probably the pinnacle of bridal style right now. For those hoping to wear their gown again, for those planning an uncomplicated civil wedding, or simply for those who love the mini silhouette, the short marriage dress is the perfect choice for both minimalist and maximalist lovers.

We're not so secretly obsessed with the CORA dress, and we think you'll agree that it's not hard to see why. Whether you decide to wear it for a bachelorette party or for your big day, we think it's the perfect short wedding dress for brides looking for a modern option without the fuss and frills of more traditional styles. 


We love the pastel pink hue of the skirt embroidered with illusion tulle and silk organza petals, as well as the long-sleeved embroidered tulle bodysuit. Pair with pointed satin ballet flats or jeweled sandal, perfect for an outfit change. Available in two different color options.

If you want to add shape and volume to your short dress, these are the options for you. DAPHNE is a draped, jewel neckline mini dress in Chantilly lace; with this specific look you can give more emphasis to earrings and hair accessories, whether it's a hair clip or precious earrings. 


If you are looking for something really exclusive, we can only recommend our style POSITANO; a tulle mini dress entirely hand embroidered with a very durable recycled paper ribbon; a sustainable, bon ton and really unique mini garment.


Not only is it the ideal length for warmer climates, a short wedding dress is also the ultimate statement to make if you are a modern bride. No one expects it, and you can wear it again if you wish.

The desire for something unique seems to be a driving factor behind the growing popularity of mini bridal dresses. It is clear that in 2024 there are many ways to say "I do".

From rich laces to delicate layers of organza, there is a style and shape for whatever kind of bride you want to be. A swirl of tulle, a dramatic bow or a hint of crystal embroidery will give you instant glamour and help you make a stunning entrance.

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