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Find out and enojoy our top tips about the most romantic and feminine bridal accessory.

The time has come by now! Come on, girls, it is time to choose! How many questions are coming up in your mind…Should a bride wear the veil or not? How to choose between a simple accessory or a refined eccentric one in order to complete your final look? What to choose between a short and a long veil? Which is the best option for you? What a mess!

A lot of wedding veils that differ from one another become the beginning of a journey made of doubts, thoughts, wishes, heartbeat, tears of joy ...Where this all comes into play most of all is when every woman starts this wonderful journey full of uncontrollable feelings. In a vortex of impulses, emotions and feelings the veil dresses up like a creator of unmissable moments. If you underestimate it, it is not a mistake but rather a missed opportunity. 

If it is true that the gown makes the wedding, the veil owns the most precious keys because it opens the heart box and holds within it many unforgettable instants.


When a bride-to-be wears the veil for the first time, the magic and the light shines out of her face. When her mother, sister and grandmother put the veil on her, the same veil begins to glow with an extra awareness because the dream has already become a concrete reality. When the father sees her daughter wearing the veil for the first time, another moment full of emotion and commotion will be added to the memory book.

Wearing a veil today is seen as a sign of defense, warm hospitality, the heat of the hands and warmth on the skin. The tulle envelops and brings out the finer feelings.

For those like us, who create these fluffy clouds of love, it’s always an incredible challenge trying to maintain and protect the real veil’s power of romantic, femininity and gentle lightness. This may be the reason why its creation for us can only come out at the same time with the dress’ creation. All gowns are designed with their own matching veil. The gown and the veil need to express  in the same language so that they can always communicate without overlapping.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Veil?

What we love the most about working with our brides is to know that each of them is unique.
Every dress has a particular cut and design. Every veil is different as far as draping, volume and transparency.
For this reason to identify that certain veil suitable for the bride but able to keep its uniqueness  in an harmonious melody  is always something challenging although fascinating.


Listed below you will find few suggestions, which we hope will help you to choose  your perfect wedding veil


First Tip: Falling in love

Don’t be afraid to entrust your choice to all the emotions which depart from your stomach reaching your heart through your body. In order to select the right veil you just need a spark which can light up in so different ways: at first sight, at the first contact, after a period of long research.
May you have the courage to feel the sparkle of falling in love even before you curl up in a ball inside the cage created by the most recurring thought: “Would it be the right one?”


Second Tip: The veil does not compete with the gown

The wedding dress and the veil must talk to each other and, more importantly, listen to each other. There is not competition between them, there is no prize for what is noted more. The veil will have the task to frame, enhance and complete the final look. Always remember and do not forget that the veil is that missing puzzle piece able to complete the overall picture.


Third Tip: The veil is not the last thing to decide on

This is the worst and common mistake a bride may commit. If a veil could speak to any bride, it probably would tell them about its own story, namely that it is “the class dunce, hanging on a rank waiting to be noticed”. To create  the perfect and impeccable bridal look you need the right amount of time, give it to you! All the matching accessories, including the veil, require dedication and attention because they all hold the most prestigious credential that allow  to balance and embellish your wedding dress.
An embroidered gown, for example, may require a veil which easy disappears in it and vice-versa.
If your dress is busy and features lots of pretty details, find a simple veil with a clean raw edge or choose something with embellishments to add dimension to the gown without creating any dissonance.
Moreover, when organizing a wedding, there is always the list of “the last things to do”. The veil absolutely cannot be included in this list. Your wedding dress will thank you too.

Fourth Tip: The veil is a personal choice

It’s our duty to offer you a veil which can be matched up with your gown first, and then with the type of ceremony and the venue chosen. Do not forget that the veil is initially a personal choice, then you may consider all the other aspects and find the right balance with the rest of the wedding features. You are the only one who has the most important card on your hands: the sound of your heartbeat rising. Emotions do not lie, they are real and they cannot be controlled. Listen to them and then express them.
Your wedding look reveals a lot about your sense of style and more important, your personality. Your wedding is all about what you love so it would be foolish to choose something which does not suit you at all.
The veils is the co-star of your fairytale. It’s your enchanted sidekick that has no choice but be at your side.
You need to feel it in order to choose it.
We will be very happy to assist you with hospitality, dedication and skills taking you through the labyrinth of your perfect choice.


Shall I Choose a Short, a Medium Length or a Long Veil? How to Pick the Right One?

We have come to the 1 million $ question: short, medium or long veil? Which one to choose?

This is the moment when conflicting thoughts urge in your mind causing you make full circles and no progress. All brides have thought – at least for a quick moment – “and now what am I going to wear? A cathedral veil? Not sure it suites me…” or “maybe a short one? Yes, better as it’s more comfortable.”
How long and how comfortable? These are the two questions most of the brides try to answer to make their choice, at least at the beginning of their search.

But there are no general rules telling us “a long veils is better because… or a short veil is better because…”.
The choice, as often happens, depends from different issues and needs.


There are many different kinds of veils, but three are the standard lengths on the market:

  • Short bridal veil: it covers the shoulders down to the elbow. Usually made of a net or lace, this style is also known as a bandeau veil. In the same category we have the  triangle veil and the shawl veil
  • Medium length veil, also called elbow veil: it covers the back down to the waist. They are very romantic but still comfortable to wear, not too cumbersome.
  • Long bridal veil or cathedral veil: it’s meant to touch the floor and to have a train. It’s the most dramatic and often the best choice if the bride feels comfortable wearing it.  

No worries, you will find your perfect veil in term of length, design, fabric, volume and draping and it will match your wedding dress style, your figure, the venue and the style of the ceremony.

To pick up the right veil, take your time and allow yourself more options and mainly listen to  your feeling when you see and touch the right veil, and not  last  trust your store consultants.

We personally like to offer our brides something unique and tailor made especially when it gets to such an important accessory like the veil. Tailor making, customization these are the concepts which better represent our company and this is what happens in our workroom, where everything is cut and sewn by hand. We believe you should wear your wedding dress as if it was something painted on you, like a second skin and the same for the veil. We create unique pieces. Every single veil is made on your wish: length, shape and draping will reflect your taste.

bridal veil

Needle and thread are for us precious tools which give life to every centimeter of fabric they touch. Our custom made veils are the pure expression of wishes, passion and perfection. By being hand-made they are elegant, bright and with a strong identity.


Take the following considerations as general guidelines and then you can personalize them  and completely turn upside-down if necessary.

If you go for a big wedding, then you will need a cathedral veil, but if you go for an intimate wedding, a short or elbow veil could be the right choice.
If you are not particularly tall, a long veil could alter the proportions between your figure and the shape of the dress. If you have chosen a princess wedding gown, than the veil could be a long cathedral one, but if you have chosen a short dress, then a short veil could add a special twist and complete the final outfit. A cathedral veil has to be at least 30cm longer than the gown.

Very frankly we must admit that among all, the cathedral veil is the most requested one and the most charming one. Even if it is synonym of formality and tradition, we consider the veil – either short or long – an ode to elegance, romanticism and majestic power. The cathedral veil is timeless, it is a must have a bride can’t easily help wanting. With our production of traditional and contemporary veils, we intend to dress modern and classy princesses and enhance the silhouette and personality of tireless dreamers.

There is no limit to the length of a veil but bear in mind that a dress does not become more elegant or more sophisticated by simply adding a longer veil. You have to find the right balance of all the details which compose your final look and which will reflect your personal image and the idea you had in your mind when thinking of your wedding.

One more thing to decide about the veil is the blusher: with or without the blusher? The answer depends from your personal taste and from the look and image you wish to have at your ceremony. You can go for a veil with a blusher and then decide at the last minute not to wear it over the face. With a blusher, you’ll get more style choices. They can also be worn pulled back, away from the face as you walk down the aisle. It is important that the blusher is perfectly studied and made. Only in this case it will nicely drape over your face and back giving harmony to your face.


To conclude we can say that each bride can find her own perfect veil, which is often the result of a careful research made with passion and love.


The question is not “too long or too short”, “too comfortable or too clumsy”.
A bridal veil, no matter if it is short, elbow or cathedral, is that final touch which will drop a magic sparkle around lighting up us who made it, the guests who will admire it and yourself who will choose and wear as the real star.  

No matter if it is transparent, embroidered, in tulle or in lace, embellished or simple, the main thing is that you will shine in that soft touch and you will reflect your own inner light.

And now just close your eyes and imagine all those moments when you got the wedding proposal, when you chose the wedding gown and till you found the right accessory for you to complete and make it perfect. Ready to say yes?

Here we are, waiting for you.

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