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Bridal Wear: how it will be the Restart after Coronavirus Emergency?

We are bringing you close to our most heart-felt thoughts.

Start again. Be reborn. Breathe again the scent of orange blossoms.
It’s incredible how much we need it!
From May the 4th many fashion companies will go back to their activities after two months of total stop. But how this new second phase will be like, after Covid-19 emergency?
There are many questions and uncertainties …in all areas.
The bridal world is not free from this uncertain and difficult atmosphere as well.
How will fashion houses respond to this situation? How will brides and brides-to-be react? How will the bridal world restart?
Many industry colleagues and future brides have asked us how we will approach this new scenery.
And here we are. We decided to open to you our virtual doors, sharing our deepest thoughts.
In such a confused and confusing moment, it is better to start from what is certain.
Love in the Time of Covid-19 doesn’t stop, it rather needs to increase its strength and relevance.
Today more than ever we must have and feel this: HOPE.
But we are human beings, and hoping without having gone through a sense of desolation, it’s tough.

That’s why we are well aware that every bride’s heart in search of positive thoughts, is now full of other concerns:
“Will the dress purchased in 2020 be good also for 2021?”
“What will we find in store this autumn?”
“How will it feel to be reunited again to celebrate a wedding?”
“It is better to postpone the wedding or getting married by the end of this year?”

Even in normal conditions the wedding industry is a complete different universe that requires research, patience, precision and planning. That’s why, in this uncertainty, our emotions coming along with many thoughts are bigger and become difficult to manage.
If we are here, writing for you and talking about our atelier, is because we want to start again from a precise commitment, even if we are hurt by this invisible enemy: we want to go back to breathe beauty and love. We need to start over, most of all with our brides’ wedding projects, that are our engine and core.
What we did in the following lines, was to collect the most common questions related to what is happening, and give you our most sincere answers.


Which effect will these months of stop have on gowns delivery and collection presentations?
What will we find in stores this autumn?

In our atelier we always work and plan everything in advance. We have always felt the need to take time to create our unique pieces at the right time.
That’s why, we would like to tell you that the total closure of these months will not affect the delivery of our dresses. Our stores will receive their ordered dresses and each bride will have her own gown made by measure.
Surely, we have to say, times will change. In order to work in safety and in compliance with all the standards provided, the production will go ahead more slowly but everything will be completed and delivered.
Instead, in regards of the timing of the new collections, we cannot pretend that nothing happened. It is foolish to believe that we can launch a new collection at the same pace as before.
Our company is an original artisan tailoring and, without telling us excuses, we perfectly know well that for every phase of work – from the research of materials to the processing and production of a dress – the right time is needed.

High Fashion and Bridal Fashion cannot behave like prêt-à-porter by going on offering new things. We must take a step back and focus, as usual, on the quality of identity productions and not on the quantity on pieces to place on the market.
Each collection takes forms slowly, throughout the year, because it needs to be thought, created, cared for sprout in all its expressive fullness, material, details, color, draping, volume. Have you ever seen a seed becoming a flower in an instant?
The new bridal collection 2021 is in working process but it will be shown only in 2021.
t is important that a bride can find in the year 2020 the dresses for 2020 and the 2021 collections are really designed to be proposed in 2021, respecting the time needed for a high fashion product, handmade and made by measure. They deserve it.     

Weddings among doubts, confirmations and postponements. What to do?

At a time when normality is frightening, because we are getting used to distance and separation, elaboration thoughts on what is more convenient to do, whether to confirm or postpone the wedding are already   a purpose of normality that testifies that strong will to pick up the thread of a beautiful speech, that is called love.
We cannot be the ones who can give our brides an answer that will wipe out all doubts or that suggests which is the best choice to take. We don’t have that answer. It’s a very intimate and personal decision that it would be disrespectful to interfere even just by making assumptions. All our understanding can go to the brides who choose to postpone the wedding. To the brides who choose not to postpone the wedding, it can go in addition to our understanding, also all our availability and every effort to ensure that, together, we can achieve a special wedding.
To our brides, whether they are from 2020 or from the years to come, we would like to say that with the professionalism that always distinguished us, now dressed in an even more intense and participatory humanity, we will return, together with them, to write unpublished pages of one of the most unforgettable days in the life of each human being. That sweet music, made of noble feelings enclosed in that “yes, I do” to shout at loud voice, sooner or later it will be played again thanks to the love stories that will be celebrated. 
All weddings that come, when they come, will be unprecedented weddings because they are born, organized and experienced with an even more respectful, intimate, overwhelming, expected and emotional desired involvement They will be unmatched weddings, because even more deeply felt, full of joy and gratitude.
We all want to go back to doing what we love. We all need to go back to sniffing positivity and immerse us in beauty. We, our brides… everyone.
With small steps but more and more continuous, constant and slowly closer.
Setting in motion a tailored Atelier like ours, which makes dreams come true thanks to the art of sewing, will be a very delicate operation, but soon or later necessary.


Will the gown bought in 2020 still be in fashion in 2021?

Fashion always has an influence on anything. So, when it comes to bridal dresses, it is natural to ask: “Will the dress bought in 2020 still be in fashion in 2021?”

We believe a bridal dress should never be labelled as belonging to the 2020 or 2021 collection as it is the expression of the person wearing it more than of a fashion trend.
The latest collections of course do carry developments and new styles but a wedding dress should not be chosen as it is trendy, at least this is what we hope and wish. A bride should choose her wedding gown in respect of her own identity, her taste, her nature which is reflected and expressed in the choice of a special piece of great personality and timeless. Every woman should choose that dress which is able to tell about herself and make her feel unique.
It is a choice made with heart.
The bridal dress is a love matter, is a feeling, an emotion. It is not a pure logical choice or worst a commercial choice.
We invite you not to ask yourself if the gown you have chosen will still be trendy in 2021 but if it is the dress which gives you the allure you wanted and which will last over time.
A wedding dress never gets old especially if it is able to tell the story of the woman who is wearing it.
This is particularly true when you buy a tailor-made dress as these dresses are beyond any concept of fashion and trend, as they are made in the full respect of the proportions and needs of the single customer.
If you have chosen your dress with heart then you won’t be concerned about fashion trends. Choices made with heart do not foresee regret they just look forward to that so long-waited moment to be lived to the full.

 In 5, 10 or 20 years, when you look at your wedding photos, you will remind of that magic moment and if the image of yourself wrapped in that special fabric still moves you that will mean, you had made the right choice.
Experienced emotions remain in our memories.  A dress, does not matter if it belongs to the
2020 or 2021 Collection, is just an excuse to make them coming out and let them live forever.

How will we approach it?

The Coronavirus crisis has hit and overwhelmed everybody, like a river in full flood, not only the  couples-to-be but also the entire wedding world.
We probably have to find a new organization system, change our habits, find new rhythms and act in a more flexible way.
The main condition, which is driving and structuring our Phase 2, is the following:  adapt to new and changing situations.
In every crisis moment there is time for thinking- deciding and one for reacting.
We were obliged to think and decide, now in this second part when it comes to act and react, we will take out the best of ourselves.
Our first action is to reorganize our internal set up.
We have adapted to new guidelines to work in safety: from the sanitization of our working spaces to the use of hand sanitizer, gloves and face masks, to single appointments in our atelier up to developing new services.
We cannot help being close to our brides  in such a moment where more than ever they need to be helped and assisted. To avoid having too many people crowding our atelier during the appointments, we will offer a FaceTime service with their relatives so that they can have from distance advices and suggestions and share the choice of the dress.
We can’t ask them to do without the presence even if virtual of their guests – mother, best friends, sister whoever – as they play an important role when it comes to the choice of the dress. We have then thought to that solution which can be seen as funny in a way but which is a new way of living this experience still keeping an strong emotional impact. When the dress is the ONE, whoever looks at it can get lighted up even if he or she looks through the filter of a screen, well at least this is what we hope to obtain. To admire and share even if through FaceTime, a romantic and unforgettable choice, does not make this emotional moment less noble. It still remains a magic moment to be experienced and to keep in the heart forever.

Aimed to give our brides new instruments to approach the choice of the dress, we are offering a special service to our to-be brides: it is an exclusive service with the designer by FaceTime or similar digital channels; something like a virtual window to open and allow our bride to have a focus and direct virtual consultation with the designer.
Distance is a concept which has shown its deepest meaning during these days but has taught us there is always a way to be more present, closer and in contact. We will try. We will not stop maintaining the social distance but we will give our brides new and safer instruments still driven by our traditional passion, attention and skill.

In this process of recovery, we wish this will become a perfect new instrument.
Among scares, doubts and uncertainties there is one thing we are sure: together we will go back to draw wishes and sew smiles and give life to those dreams of love which deserve to come true more than anything else.
Love conquers all.

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