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Peter Langner, between innovation and corporate responsibility


Peter Langner wants to be an innovator in the bridal sector, not only from a stylistic point of view but also from the point of view of corporate responsibility.

As already seen in a past blog, our company is at the forefront of reducing waste in the bridal and evening fashion industry.

Scraps of fabric are no longer thrown away but rather are used in a creative way to help us make new and unique gowns. We try very hard to limit our waste wherever possible.

It is a sign of respect and a stimulus to inventiveness, dexterity and imagination. It’s these "unique pieces" modeled by addressing the problem of leftovers where art and craftsmanship intertwine. One example is EDITH, where hundreds of fabric “marshmallows” are formed by hand and sewn one by one to form a three-dimensional bodice; as well as for ANITA, the eco-fur made with recycled fabric ribbons; like the organza ribbons, knotted and sewn on 230005, a beautiful silk evening dress. In this, customers also appreciate the uniqueness of the pieces, the fact that they are not identical is stimulating. Our gowns which are made by hand in the Peter Langner atelier are consistently faithful to their nature: elegance, quality and tailoring.




In addition to gowns, Peter Langner is bringing this philosophy to everything that surrounds and complements his work and makes his business possible. This year, for packing, we have begun to supply dress covers made from compostable material which, once they have reached the end of their life, can be disposed of in separate waste collections. These actions are not only practiced by our Peter Langner Milano brand, but we try to involve and encourage our collaborators and customers all over the world to follow in this kind of initiative. Every first step will make change possible in protecting our planet.




Similarly, we are carrying out renovations in our Atelier that aim to reduce the environmental impact of our company and improve working conditions for our employees. The latest improvement made was the installation of new windows which better insulate from the fluctuations of the environment. This has enabled us to decrease the consumption required for heating and cooling in our work environment.

Peter Langner strongly believes that in such a fast-moving and ever-changing world there is a need to look around and be respectful of who and what is close to us as well as paying attention to our impact ultimately around the world.

For the near future we have set ourselves specific goals on this issue, in particular: we are planning the installation of photovoltaic panels to generate the energy necessary to carry out our business. We are also looking for solutions to better manage our core business waste by collaborating with innovative companies to create products for daily use with our fabric scraps. Last but not least, Peter Langner is not only attentive in his personal life but promotes a more sustainable lifestyle and work for his employees, training them on environmental issues and accompanying them on this path of attention towards who and what surrounds us.



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