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Sustainable fashion and ethical craftsmanship

The world of fashion has always been linked to the idea of style, elegance and refinement. Today, however, fashion turns great attention also to the sustainability of its creations. An ethical approach, aiming for the future and the planet’s respect, where raw materials and production processes embrace a new philosophy, more oriented towards a sustainable creativity is the new urge.

Peter Langner has always been attentive in searching a balance in his couture. Not only the delicate balance of a perfect fitted dress, but also the sustainable balance, which protects us from environmental pollution. This is where Peter’s new productions start.

From the use of materials to final packaging, every process in the Peter Langner production is designed to help   reduce environmental impact.

Peter’s staff shares with him this idea by combining the research for stylistic innovation with the respect for the environment in every single step of the creative process.

The result of this philosophy is a sustainable high fashion, which reflects also in the choice of eco fibers and eco fabrics.

But what do we mean with sustainable fashion? How can fashion and environment coexist?

Sustainable fashion: a new philosophy of style and elegance

Sustainable fashion, as the word suggests, has the goal of combining refinement and fineness of details, with the respect for the environment .


Inevitably, large fashion companies, as well as small businesses, still generate pollution and environmental deterioration in their production processes and in the  choice of raw materials,. Not all of them have already adapted to the new sustainable philosophy.

Peter Langner brand, on the contrary, is very attentive to the matter, bringing ethical and sustainable fashion in its boutique, able to fully respond to these needs, without giving up the authenticity of its style architecture.


The re-use of fabrics, the creation of new workmanship and precious embroidery represent some of his productive choices that best reflect this eco-friendly concept in fashion.

The craftsman is able to use those scraps of material or fabrics that last through time, giving them new life. Wearing these garments is exciting to the touch.


Peter Langner fashion is attentive to the future, but at the same time  is authentical and unique, always able to amaze.


Sustainable high fashion brings a “green” taste on the catwalk

Every year, the textile industry generates a very high cost for our planet, because it uses raw materials and production processes which are harmful to the environment. This happens both for the activity of the production machines and also for the transportation of materials.

Today, however, there are many great luxury high fashion brands that decide to reduce the pollution caused by the clothing  production process.

The most glamorous catwalks are filled with fabrics from the biological supply chain. Natural fibers and 100% recyclable materials are produced with responsibility, thinking about the future of the new generations.

The focus is also on the use of materials produced with non-toxic substances, both for the person wearing them and as well as for the final disposal.

Using raw materials consciously and adopting a “green fashion concept” , thinking about the future of those who will inherit our environment,  is  fundamental for Peter Langner brand.

Ethical and social nature come together with the environment in the concept of eco-sustainability.

Fashion, likewise, is shaped by the desire for a conscious production, projecting itself towards a glamorous and attentive future.  

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