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Fahion lives on inspiration

Fashion thrives on genius, ability, stimuli, imagination and creativity. Inspiration can only be seized by squeezing the juice out of life to the fullest. Designers from all over the world knowhow important this concept is to make their creations increasingly sophisticated and surprising.

Creativity is stimulated by human relationships

The creative part of Peter Langner’s work also takes inspiration from his human relationships.
For this reason, Peter Langner has returned to worldwide travel and has done it in a big way! 10 wonderful days in Japan from the 7th to the 13th of this past December.
Although Peter used video calls and voice calls these past 3 years as we all know actual human contact cannot be replaced or duplicated. Once landed Peter was eager to begin his schedule of visits and meetings with the people who work with love and passion for his brand in their stores in Japan. Rekindling in person his important personal relationships is an integral part of Peter’s ability to design. Peter is a human’s human. 
The emotions and the creative stimulus that the exchange with the people who collaborate with the brand gives is priceless for Peter Langner.

Peter’s trip to Japan

Japan quietly manages to amaze those who follow fashion with its millenary culture, its customs and traditions, its originality and innovation.  From these prerogatives, combined with candor, honesty, courtesy and respect for others Peter Langner draws much inspiration for the creations.
The trip was to visit some of his stores in Japan and get back in touch with the staff who manage and sell his gowns; to discuss, talk and get inspired for new forward-thinking ideas which Peter can now translate into his new collections. It is precisely through the experience of those who manage the stores and from discussions with them, that it is possible to better understand what the ideal customer wants. Peter Langner is a point of reference for his stores all over the world. The owners themselves have a wonderful relationship with the designer. Indeed, so much so that Peter was invited to attend a client’s wedding, and she gladly accepted. On his most recent visit Peter had the opportunity to visit these esteemed stores;

LE CIEL:  from whom Peter received a wedding invitation where he was able  to admire this beautiful bride wearing one of his gowns from our Couture   collection in pale sky blue.

TIARA: a historic shop, linked to us for almost 30 years. Their bond with  our gowns is so close that their store buys every dress to expand and stay current with their collection of our dresses.

B-DRESSER ATELIER:  a beautiful shop with refined spaces where their  attention to every detail is clearly visible.

MICIE: made up of two beautiful stores one in Kyoto the other in Tokyo will soon expand with an opening of an evening wear shop where our unique evening gowns will be sold. 

MIRROR MIRROR: one of the largest shops in Tokyo is built on 3 floors  dedicated to wedding 

couture complete with beauty services for their brides.

This is how the concept of closeness and affinity is dressed up in occasions and ambitions,o keep the goals of an important brand like Peter Langner Milano strong. Peter’s trip cemented his thoughts and feelings of the importance of traveling and connection for his creativity.  It’s time to bridge the distances and get back in touch with life, up close.



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