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As we all know, fashion is cyclical. Trends come and go, hemlines rise and fall, and every season we wait for what is the new trendy "color." Well, this summer’s color is pink and it has its roots in the style icon, the Barbie doll.

Yes, Barbie is back!

The iconic Mattel doll has always been a source of inspiration for young women. The original "Barbie look" consists of sensuous curves, the enduring mule shoe, feminine makeup and sparkling accessories.

In today's context, the director of the new Barbie film, Greta Gerwig, has a bold new take on the iconic doll's story. The story plot revolves around a doll who leaves Barbieland because of her so-called "imperfections," only to discover along the way that perfection can indeed be found inside each of us.

Barbie is the iconic toy that has inspired many generations and is much more than a doll. With her stylish outfits and endless possibilities, Barbie has encouraged little girls around the world to dream and express themselves through their clothes.

Since the trend took off, it has influenced our outfits; here's everything you need to know about the Barbiecore craze. The pink aesthetic has become a fashion staple throughout 2023.

Coinciding with the highly anticipated Barbie movie, which will debut on July 20, pink has been at the forefront of many people's thoughts since photos of Margot Robbie as the iconic Mattel doll were captured on set last June.

Everything pink is definitely here to stay. Barbie mania is already a summer staple this year, a casual, playful and feminine trend.

Although topical, the Greta Gerwig-directed film is not the only reason we are living in a real Barbie Land..


Pink, often associated with femininity and Barbie dolls, is often used as a color for sophisticated fashion. However, it is time to break free from these stereotypes and embrace the versatility and elegance that pink can bring to our looks.


From soft pastels to bold fuchsias, there is a shade of pink for everyone. In this blog we bring you Peter Langner's vision of pink, proving that it is not just reserved for Barbie.


To achieve a glamorous look with pink, it is essential to choose the right shade that matches your complexion tone and personal style. Soft pastel pinks, dusty pinks and magenta are excellent choices for a refined, elegant and mature look.

Looking for inspiration for a wedding in line with this trend? Read on!

Who among us hasn't dreamed of getting married when she was just a little girl?


Embrace your inner child and and dreams and get married like the true princess you always wanted to be. From soft pinks to hot pink and of course lots and lots of glitter and sparkles.

As you might expect, the dresses are extremely unique and feminine princess forward dresses. Imagine not just clouds of fluffy tulle some with many shimmering elements crystals, sequins, fabric lamination.


And in white?


Expectations for this trend are that it will last until 2024 and beyond because who doesn't love a stunning pink wedding dress? This colorful, exagereted and playful trend is for everyone who wants to dress as fun, feminine and bright as their personality.

What do you think, would you or someone you know choose a Barbie-inspired wedding dress?


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