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A decisional journey through research, planning and tips

Quality and personalization are often the first two parameters where the wedding gown research trip starts from. An intimate and emotional journey that needs a wealth of instinct, patience and comparison.
So, how long is this journey? This is the question whose answer lies in the heart of any bride and it’s closely linked to the quality the bride is looking for and to the degree of customization of the dress she will be able to get.
After this dutiful introduction, in this article we will try to give you our point of view about this subject.
So what we are waiting for… Let the tour begin…

Creating wedding gowns is a passion. Deciding to make them by hand is a choice. We have chosen tailoring with supreme conviction.

wedding dress

The only production strategy adopted by our Company is the handmade. Our primary goal is about creating unique pieces. Each gown is shaped following lengths and shapes according to the preferences and requirements of the bride. For us, the textile fibers, the needle and the thread are like magic wands that give life to dreams, point by point.
That is why hands are precious to us, because they are able to realize personalized creations that an industrialized process, instead, cannot guarantee. This is an important point that a bride has to take into consideration when she is getting ready to determine the time that is necessary for the research of the right dress.
During the creation of our wedding gowns, what most touches our imagination is the awareness of having the delicate mission of having to create dresses out of nothing. They have to cover the body of every woman with fascinating elegance. Every centimeter of fabric is an opportunity and a great responsibility for us, because we have the task of having to speak to the soul of each bride and giving soul to those fabric that, starting anonymously, must shine of dreams and personality in every precious inlay.

One of the main charachteristics of our production is the meticulous attention that we reserve to the choice of fabrics and later to their processing. This inevitably also affects the time needed to request one of our dresses. First of all we are very attentive to fall in love and be passionate about what we do in order to create wedding dresses that can meet the taste of our customers. Then, the same attention mixed with a great passion is placed in all the materials we choose and in what we create. Our DNA is made up of passion, innovation, diversity and continuous research of materials. This is the only way we have to escape repetitiveness and push hour creativity towards interesting and innovative ways while we continue to respect the tradition.

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This is what craftsmanship is about. Doing one thing at a time, detail by detail. Ours is a convinced choice of fun, a business model for an activity that will never be limited to the creation of simple “white dresses”, whose final target is simply to be sold. We are not interested in  producing only to sale.  We seek more. We want to offer more than  this. Our products must give us a real stimulus of research and continuous challenge such as to push us to always excel  ourselves compared to what we did  before. Only respecting these ideas, we have the satisfaction of having create something unique and special for a bride, and for us everything becomes a more and more intense and fulfilling emotion.

That is why a wedding dress is important. That’s why the research path is intense. That’s why finding the right wedding dress is complicated. Beyond the fabric there is more. Much more, and a bride knows this very well.

In the fairy world of brides, our hands follow a production that does not give up the fascination of embroidery, needlework, craftsmanship which are not only a road for us, but a real philosophy, a modus operandi that talks about us, about our dresses and why not about  our brides.
There are many women who are looking for tailored gowns nowadays, they are impatient to “be dressed”  in their own wishes, rather than in their own bodies, and only tailoring can guarantee all this.
In our artisan production, our goal is always to achieve a perfect marriage between a modernity that never denies tradition.

These guidelines are the starting point of our collections rich in  timeless gowns. Gowns that need time to come to life and give life to that unique body that  will decide to wear it on an unforgettable day.


The Search of your Own Wedding Dress

From what you seek, you understand what you have in your heart.
The search of a wedding gown always follows a single emotional flow: feelings.
The privileged dialogue that each bride manages to stablish with her own dress is the result of an unwritten communication that starts not from the mouth but from the eye that observes and lights up, and from the heart that listens and beats at a special rhythm.

“When I think about my wedding day I imagine the dress that should accompany me to my great love, I have no doubts: It must be romantic but simple at the same time. Precious as a princess’ one but without too many frills. An enveloping and light cloud of fabric, with a little train”.

Classy and fabulous. This is the frame that our brides give us when we ask them to instinctively tell us about their dream dress.
Brides look for an ornament that, like graceful butterflies, highlights their beauty without altering its true nature. The sweetest emotions of a bride are hiding in those gentle and light steps of disarming beauty.
There is a fairytale imagery to be pulled out of the magical box of dreams and brought back to life. Shapes. Volumes. Cadences. Colors. These are only guidelines to use to tell what you are always dreamed and what you want to live that day.

We always tell our brides that in the couture tailoring of our collections, there are not just gowns, but there are raw materials that awaits to be weaved with dreams, desires and search for perfection. This is how our gowns come to life and become unique pieces, synonymous with elegance, brightness, but most of all expression of every woman’s identity that must be respected.
Meticulousness, care, attention, inspiration, but most of all a lot of spontaneous passion.
This is how a bride should begin her journey in search of the perfect dress, and it should last the amount of time needed to find the right one.

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Now we want to precise something: what makes things long and slow in the choice is strictly linked to the type of gown you are searching for.
When we talk about “type of gown”, we are not thinking to the style and silhouette, but we are rather referring to the way of production: if the bride is searching for a made to measure gown, adjustable to her desires and needs, the time in creating will be very long. Otherwise, if the bride chooses a ready made gown that just needs some adjustments, less time will be needed.
Regardless the type of gown, it is advisable  to begin the research as soon as possible, to avoid the typical stress of having little time. Everybody knows, haste has bad consequences.
After this clarification, we always suggest our brides, not to think about trends, but to start from the bride’s own personality.

Where does the journey to choose your wedding dress start from?

From the nearest and most accessible source, for sure: internet.
Remember though, it’s ok to surf the web in search of inspiration, but it’s important that you elaborate your own personal opinion and avoid falling in love with gowns that are someone else’s dream, in the end, and not yours. So, it’s ok to get inspired, but only if the result is a personal idea, and not just a copy. This is our advice.
In this journey of research, get close to the dress as if it was a second skit to wear. You have to feel it like it was the gentle weight of a feather that glides over the skin.
So, when do you have the chance to live such a unique dream of love?
We are perfectly aware that in the research phase it is really difficult to identify the gown that can enhance every woman’s unicity and beauty, even if it’s fascinating. But don’t give up! When your dedication goes together with your deep and sincere emotions, typical of dreams, the journey will become something unforgettable. This is how you should live it. With loving enthusiasm and lucid criticism.
Enjoy this journey of research.

Abandon yourself to its unstoppable emotions and let everything get in the way: anxiety, stress, tension, joy, happiness.
Choose travel mates that can support you during tough moments and will enjoy the happiness of reaching your aim with you. What is needed in the research phase, in our opinion, is  this: the bride with her ideas, her emotions, her feelings, just few dear and trustworthy people, and honest and professional wedding experts. The rest is confusion, distraction and waste of time.


The Importance of Planning your Own Choice

The most important word in the research phase of your wedding dress is:
Planning doesn’t mean letting yourself guide by a cold and rational programming operation, but rather optimizing the time you have, arranging every step of the typical wedding planning.
So, what is the planning goal? Trying to push the anxiety away and reduce stress.
This kind of planning for a bride is made of a number of steps that we try to summarize like this:
- purchase of wedding magazines;
- internet research of trends, to have an idea of what the market has to offer;
- schedule of first appointments in those ateliers that have a product more similar to the idea you have in mind, in terms of budget, styles and the general service you want to be provided with.

Every bride plans the research in a personal way, prioritizing an aspect, rather than another one. But there are some common mistakes that every bride falls into. Among these there are the exaggeration with the number of appointments, for sure.
Planning too many appointments could be a self-defeating choice: 3 or 4 atelier could be a proper number. Less than these could give you not enough choices, more than these will be confusing.
Another common error (to avoid) regards the choice of the “attendees”.
Do not bring with you too many people, 2 or 3 will be enough, and be careful who you choose. We suggest to make your choice thinking about quality and not quantity. You know what they say, better alone than in bad company.
Anyway, bring with you just those people that know you deeply and will be honest and respectful with you. By honest we mean someone able to express their opinion unconditionally. By respectful we mean people who can tell their opinion only after hearing and respecting your own considerations. It is you who will wear the gown, not them. It won’t be the expert, nor your friend. But you. Don’t forget it.

Another element you must consider in the planning phase is the budget at disposal. Set a maximum you cannot go beyond, it will be a useful decision to immediately identify those atelier who carry the right collection for your budget, but also to help the client advisor during the research phase, so that he will suggest you just the gowns under that maximum budget. It’s a smart choice that rescues every bride from the most terrible risk: falling in love with a gown that you cannot afford. Absolutely avoid this!

The last thing to plan is to search for a wedding expert that can be in accord with you. A consultant able to help you listening to your heart is essential. Trust and professionalism can make a real difference.
Choosing your dress is a very delicate moment, and the risk in getting confused and feel  uncertain is very likely  to happen. This is why you have to breathe trust and professionalism. You have to trust them and rely on them.
Telling the experts about yourself without prejudice is essential, because you are giving them the responsibility to accompany you among all the dress options. They will be your real guides. Don’t be afraid to show yourself as who you are. Don’t be shy and hide your nature. Don’t show your appearance, but give the experts your true self, your dreams, and, why not,your fears: those are all elements that will be useful for them to get to know you and identify the gowns that are better for you. And you will find among them the right one, for sure.     


Advices on How to Choose the Right Wedding Gown

When we guide our brides through the various phases of composing the perfect outfit, we love to work with quality, uniqueness and couture tailoring.
In our opinion, a bride during her wedding day should be and feel herself in every detail.
We are not trends lovers, especially in such a peculiar area, like the wedding one. That is why in our collections you will find gowns very different from each other, because brides are like this: with very different personalities, needs and bodies. And that’s why, just like our dresses, also our suggestions are often “customized”.
Anyway, we will try to leave you some general suggestions that we hope you will find useful.

But first, let us answer a question that you will be asking to yourself, for sure: 
“How long before di I need to start the research for my wedding dress?”

We cannot give just one answer, because every atelier has its own timing. But we can say that a bride interested in buying a Peter Langner dress needs to come to our atelier 6-7 months before the wedding date. Our creations are handmade and couture tailored, so our dresses need a lot of time of processing to reach the high  quality and the searched perfection.
An aspect that is often underestimated by our brides are  proportions. Just to clarify, when we talk about proportions, we are not referring to “tighten, loosen or hemming the dress”, but rather to bring the dress to the right proportions of the bride who will wear it.

It may seem insignificant, but trust us, the final perfection is the result of a meticulous work of assembling details. Nothing is left to chance. The research of the perfect harmony between the skirt, the underskirt, the bodice and every other detail  requires a lot of time.
But let’s get back to advices.

First advice, the most important one: choose with the heart

Let yourself  be guided by your heart.
A good and meticulous organization certainly gives you a certain serenity in facing all the wedding preparations, but when it comes to  choosing the dress you must be guided by the drives of your vital muscle. I mean, any choice made with the heart knows no repentance.
When you will be  looking  at your pictures  in 10, 20, 30 years’ time, your image wrapped in that fabulous fabric must still  move you. You must recognize yourself  in the dress you choose.
There is nothing more touching for us than receiving messages from brides who, even years later, tell us “I would get married again with that dress”. In this sentence there is the recognition of a precious and very well done work  but also the confirmation of the fact that the bride managed to completely abandon herself to her emotions. If after many years those emotions still manage to speak about you, leaving you speechless this means  they were right feelings.
Lived emotions remain kept in the memories. A dress is  an excuse to take them out and let them live forever.
Sometimes we meet brides who approach the choice of the dress in a very rational way. We see them that they are not excited. We notice it. They are the same brides who have second thoughts, or rather they almost certainly think about it until the wedding day (and even after) “Oh my God I was wrong, I made the wrong choice”.
Do not make this mistake. You do not deserve it.


Second advice: choose a timeless line

Just identifying a dress  a child of the 60s, 70s, 80s is something wrong because a wedding dress, more than any other dress, must identify the person who wears it and not be an expression of a trend.
When brides sometimes ask us “what is the newest dress you have?”, this is the moment when we remind them that the dress they are looking for should not follow a trend but must dress them with a character that lasts over time.  “The latest proposals” are not necessarily good  for you.
Let me be clear, this is something particular suitable when it gets to tailored dresses. The tailoring manages to create timeless dresses because they are sewn in accordance with the propotions and need of each single client.
Craftsmanship manages to move away from the concept of “fashion” which on the contrary drags behind the expression of “trends” and ”innovation”.
In our bridal world the respect for the identity of every woman is essential.  The bride must express herself in creations of great timeless personality.


Third advice: do not concentrate on preconceptions about the style that suits you better, you may miss opportunities

You have always dreamt of a mermaid wedding dress. But, does the consultant offer you a princess one? Accept the suggestion and try it. You might be amazed by feeling something inside  that makes you scream: “Yes, it’s the right one!”.
Keep in mind that, sometimes, you have to make follies because when you act just following only “reasoning”, in the end the classic “maybe I should have…” remains in your throat.
Open mind and free heart to seek the true emotion. Enjoy it.
And if in the middle of trying dresses, you have thoughts or doubts take them out immediately and listen to the advice of those who have always worked with tulle, chiffon and taffetà.
Do not be afraid to dare. There will always be someone who have something to say about that day.
We like to think that every wedding is unique because the bride is unique too. Unique is her dream. Her fantasies are unique. Her memories will be unique.
We undergo the charm of brides who try to stand out from all the others, to express themselves also and above all through the choice of the dress and do not deny what they are to “be on the safe side”.

In the end, therefore, we would like to say that choosing the right dress is a matter of time, and you have to think about it months in advance especially if the decision pushes you towards a tailored gown but, as you may have understood, there is also a time that measures a search that runs along the tracks of inspirations, comparison and many feelings.
Every bride perceives this concept of time as she better feels.

Just remember:
In this journey of research and choosing the right dress, you need a big beautiful luggage to be able to include inside the time - yours and the professionals’ you will choose – your strengths, your flaws, your fears, your anxieties but above all your fairytale dream.
How the plot of this fairytale will be? All to be written.
What will the journey be like? You will only find out by living it.
So, live it unreservedly.

We are waiting for you in our Atelier,
Bon Voyage!

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