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Bridal Sleeve

The sleeve, we all have something with a sleeve on it, is constantly re-imagined in so many interpretations that it keeps coming back season after season; it has grown to become more than a passing trend but a stylish touch of importance and elegance.

For brides who choose the fall and winter months for their Big Day, sleeves can be the perfect solution to cover up without sacrificing elegance and they are a candidate to be a must-have; ideal for those looking for something different from the classic shrug or bolero, or for those who feel more comfortable with their arms covered, or simply for those who love style.


Although some brides may think sleeves are out of fashion or only for winter weddings, they are a modern and trendy addition to the bridal gown of your dreams varying in extremes and design. A beautifully designed sleeve is a statement piece.

The question you might start asking yourself as a bride-to-be when looking for a wedding dress with sleeves is, "What are the different types of sleeves you can have?"

They can have different interpretations, but one thing is certain; they give a elegant effect and if finely embroidered with lace or couture details your look will be bon ton and super chic.

The Peter Langner bridal gowns with sleeves are offered in different cuts and styles, with a refined choice of fabrics and finishes, all sustainably made in Italy in our Milan based workroom. Here below you can find a small introduction to inspire yourself with an edited selection from our most recent collections.



Similar to a bell sleeve, and named after a bishop's gown, the Bishop’s sleeve adds a glamorous appeal to your dress. Full and flowing, draped tightening at the wrists creates a balloon effect. Made of lightweight, see-through and ethereal fabrics with fluid movements, they are the perfect mix for both the simplest outfits and the most elaborate looks.




The ideal sleeve for modern and classic brides. These round slim fit sleeves elongate and enhance the female figure, creating long lines and a sophisticated look. They can be long, three quarters or short made of different fabrics; they can be entirely refined with lace, in hand-embroidered illusion tulle while maintaining some sheer transparency, or in structured fabrics such as mikado or organza. The illusion-effect sleeves, adds feminine details without giving the impression of being awkward or restrictive, creating the illusion of bare skin. This style is sophisticated, elegant, and timeless. Perfect for a bride who wants to make a surprising entrance.




Detachable Cinderella sleeves are the most popular trend of 2024. Literally the biggest! These oversized sleeves can make you feel like a modern princess and you can easily wear them. This is a very comfortable option because your arms can move freely. Detachable sleeves are a fantastic and practical solution that will add another dimension to your bridal gown. This detail allows you to have two different looks in the same dress. Remove them after your religious service, to dance and transform your dress instantly; a prime example can be our JANE dress, from the 2024 collection; a linen, silk and cotton dress that features two detachable draped Cinderella sleeves




The ruffled sleeve is a super fun accent for the bride. These playful puffs can be made of tulle or organza and they look regal and fresh in a wonderful way. There is nothing more romantic than the movement of this sleeve adding interest and dimension to any style of wedding dress. A cloud of fluffy cascading ruffles lends an extravagant and fashionable look.




Short or long, but let them be expertly draped! Made of pure rich fabrics like organza and Mikado make your look simply unique. Sophisticated and traditional but at the same time fashionable and glamorous. The contrast between fit around the arm and the handmade draping gives a graceful volume to your arms and shoulders; perfect for those who need to optically re-proportion their upper body giving more prominence to their neckline as well as for those who simply like the drama of them.



As you can see, there is much more to bridal sleeves than meets the eye. From adapting your gown to the weather to emphasizing your sense of fun and personal style, adding a sleeve can drastically alter the form, the function, and overall feel of your dream gown.

Find the nearest store to you who sells our Peter Langner gowns and set-up an appointment or book a private one in our Milan Showroom to create your customization together. 



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