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Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but lace is a bride’s!

Delicate and feminine, lace is synonymous with wedding gowns. For some it may seem too formal and stuffy for a modern wedding look but Peter Langner has made it fresh and new brushing away the assumption that lace is “old fashioned”. There exists so many exciting varieties of lace! Such as the intricacies of Alençon, Chantilly, Rebrodè and Guipure lace.

Peter Langner seeks to offer different types of the highest quality lace for every bride; lace wedding dresses can be classic, romantic or extravagant suitable for all types of silhouettes. Some brides love chic and sophisticated lace, while others prefer it to be flashy and glamorous and then these are those who want old fashion.. From an era gone by.

So, whether you are already leaning toward a lace wedding dress or need just a little more convincing, we have a selection of beautiful Peter Langner lace bridal gowns to discover while shopping for the dress of your dreams.

Options range from timeless shapes such as a ballgown, flared and mermaid gown; sleeves and necklines vary from long to off the shoulder and strapless; Peter Langner wedding dresses include bohemian details, traditional cuts and modern designs.

But now… What are the different types of lace?



Classic and timeless, Alençon lace, also known as "the queen of lace," is the perfect choice for romantic and traditional brides. Originating in Alençon, France, this lace is best suited to a floral design on a sheer or mesh background, with scalloped edges and light designs. One-of-a-kind lace that is truly unique in design and refined in detail. Regal, timeless and exclusive for you is handmade is labor-intensive; a single 0.155 square inches can take up to seven hours to embroider by hand.



Chantilly lace is a type of bobbin lace traditionally created with floral or botanical motifs on a background of net or point d'esprit. It is named after the city of Chantilly, in France, where this workmanship was first devised. In the preference ranking of brides around the world, this type of lace traditionally gets the most acclaim due to the fineness and complexity of the patterns. In addition to its elegance, the production process has also always been complex, still widely perceived as a true statement of luxury. It can be classic in ivory or silk white, or more modern using a laminated thread like the one used for our Jade gown.


Known for its romanticism, it is an exclusive lace, woven on looms whose patterns are defined by the density of the weave. We have a wide selection of traditional French Chantilly lace designs, as well as more contemporary variations, such as our Etienne gown.



Each weave hides a story of intriguing sensuality. Rebrodè lace originated with raised elements, used to create neckline and sleeve embellishments that give a see-through effect that almost looks like an inlay.

Rebrodé lace is back on trend, but in fact, it may never have been out. This Italian origin workmanship enriched with special patterns gives us a light touch. Born as a symbol of refinement, it is known in various shapes and patterns; whether French or Italian and it holds a special place in the history of elegance.



Ideal for mixing traditional and modern taste. Guipure lace dresses are a must have this season. They are one of the top trends thanks to their elegant and chic look. Whether you wear them for the reception, to cross the aisle at church, or just for the after party, these gowns are a great choice!

Guipure lace is a type of continuous bobbin lace, without a net bottom, usually made by hand. it is often used to create delicate yet precise effects in cotton thread and features pretty, well-defined and structured floral or geometric patterns.


Chic, refined and romantic, Guipure lace bridal gowns come in different varieties offering the perfect opportunity to adopt a lovely look. This cotton embroidery is a sophisticated form of lace that has its own identity. It is inspired by antique and classic pieces, making it an attractive option for high fashion and couture.

Thinking about our White Gold Couture Collection, we cannot fail to mention Nadine and Glass Slipper, which, despite the fact that you may believe that the lace is merely resting in its original form, it is actually a real embroidery. The guipure lace lends itself perfectly to handcrafted work, the flowers of which, with a well-defined design, allow them to be cut out by hand and then sewn one by one onto the main layer, thus creating a new and unique design and texture. An exclusive type of workmanship, distinctive to some of designer Peter Langner's iconic wedding dresses.



Guipure lace is a unique accessory that enhances a gown and is a great way to look elegant and refined. Whether you choose a short, long, mermaid, or full-skirted gown, you are sure to find the perfect dress for you. Not only will you be dressed in style, but you will also be able to inspire others.


Do you love lace, but want it to stand out from your dress rather than be the main element? Keep in mind the idea of adding a lace accessory to your wedding dress! For a chic yet modern look, consider a cape, whether long or short. Desiring a more ethereal look? Opt for a magnificent guipure lace bolero or shouldercover. Finally, if you desire a unique yet striking accessory, add one of our veils or a lovely lace headband to your bridal look, available in different lace variations.




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