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It’s true, we have a bridal long veil obsession.

It’s dreamy, romantic, and a nod to tradition while still being fresh and personalized to your wedding vision. And best of all, there are virtually endless styling options to choose from;  from delicate Chantilly lace borders to shimmering embroideries.


This length comes down to the floor and extends just beyond your wedding dress-an elegant and versatile choice for your bridal look. For an extra touch of drama, choose a length that extends about three feet beyond your wedding dress. The cathedral veil is perfect for more spacious venues, such as ballrooms, outdoor gardens and (of course!) cathedrals with long aisles.

The right veil can give your wedding dress a romantic, vintage air, can add intrigue and elegance to your satin gown or complement the drama of a more elaborate gown.


There is something extraordinary about wearing a long bridal veil; it combines an ethereal touch with a spark of glamour. Long veils can really provide the "wow" effect you hope for as a bride. Yes, they may be seen as traditional, but they seem to be making a comeback recently.


Long bridal veils are one of the most iconic bridal accessories and have changed tremendously over the years in terms of popularity and significance. But they still remain a timeless and meaningful addition to your bridal look. In this blog, we'll take you with us into the world of long bridal veils and hope to give you some inspiration for choosing your perfect accessory!


The tradition of wearing a long veil at a wedding can be traced back centuries to different cultures around the world. Veils were once worn for a variety of reasons; the face had to be covered so that spirits could not see how beautiful the bride was. In addition, veils were also made especially heavy so that brides could not escape. It generally has a meaning of modesty and protection, a way to signal the bride's innocence and ward off energies that might attack or hinder the wedding ceremony. Most historians trace the history of the veil in the West to Ancient Rome, as well as widespread in Islamic, Jewish and Christian traditions throughout history.

Today, fortunately, everything is different and long veils are often worn because they are a complementing addition or because it is a family tradition. Veils are also considered fashionable, and Peter Langner devotes much of his energy to creating a true collection of veils.


The variety of long veils offered by Peter Langner is truly endless. This type of length adds a touch of sophistication and even just a little something extra to your wedding photos. As for color, white and light ivory are the most traditional.

If you want a more dramatic and traditional look, a long veil is the best choice.

With blusher or without?

For the most part, it's up to you! Casting is very classic. Peter Langner prefers to add the blusher to soften the features and give a beautiful glow to the face in a natural way.

Long veils are still popular today, for religious and traditional reasons or simply because brides appreciate the aesthetics. So whether you want to follow traditions or simply love the aesthetics of wearing a bridal veil, make it your own! With a plethora of gorgeous inspirations, it's hard for you not to find a look that is totally true to your personality, your traditions, your budget, and the wedding dress of your dreams.


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