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Our advices for the guest of honor

Second after the bride, absolute protagonist of the ceremony is the mother of the bride: a strong shoulder to lean on, a sincere and loving advice,  always a critical and objective eye, a spontaneous support for any occasion.
The mother of the bride is this and much more.
From the day of the proposal to the wedding day, mothers, especially Italian ones, play an important role in planning the event, perhaps emotionally more swinging for their daughters.
If the bride is the most awaited princess of the ceremony, the mother, as a handyman’s assistant, is that indispensable moral help, the friendly shoulder that supports, protects, encourages but above all calms down with hugs of pure and intense love.
The mother of the bride is one of the people who, lives more closely, and perhaps even more intensely, all the feelings that the celebration of a wedding brings with it.
That’s why, for such a special figure, the search for the right dress to wear for the big day, is not an easy job.
The wedding day is an event dressed in such singularity for the bride, for her future husband, for all their loved ones, but for the mother it will have a different relevance, at times almost impossible to put  in words.
Every mother, even the most austere and cold in heart, awaits the wedding of her daughter with a wealth of sensation and emotions collected from a lifetime. In that maternal luggage she brings with it a touch of nostalgia, a thousand worries and expectations that they will probably accompany her until her wedding day (and beyond).
The mother, the guest of honor for excellence, the one who most of all will follow that day looking with her eyes full of love tears at every inch of her daughter’s step to the altar, knows the importance of her role. She perceives it. She respects it.
A mother is aware that at the wedding of her daughter several eyes will be also focused on her.
She is the “hostess”, the one who will come to the church together with the bridesmaids  shortly before the arrival of the bride and will have the task of welcoming all the guests with smiles, hugs and handshakes. She will remain at the entrance until the bride arrives and will be the last one taking seat, only after making sure everything is perfect.
Precisely because of the leading role she plays in such an important event, precisely because she is often the most watched  person after the spouses, the mother of the bride will   leave no detail unattended.
That’s why finding the right dress can become a real challenge.
What color to choose? Which kind of style to wear? How to be perfect while staying the same? There are many questions that a mother asks herself..

Despite the etiquette gives clear “rules” on what you should wear for the marriage of your daughter, in practice the search of the dress of the mother is a journey full of anxieties, doubts, fears, uncertainties..
Finding the way through the immense maze of conflicting thoughts is not easy.
In this article, we want to talk to you, dear mothers, trying to give you ours tips.



No excess. Be discreet.
Elegance is a sound that spreads everywhere even without screaming.
Don’t try to be showy taking the risk of obscuring your daughter.
So be discreet by opting for a dress that is harmonious precisely in its sophisticated simplicity.
The choice of the fabric can make the difference between a classy dress and one that is not.
Therefore, choose those fabrics such as silk, organza, lace that can be elegantly and romantically precious.
However, nothing excessive does not mean that you cannot play with details, with those accessories that, if carefully chosen, will give your style a wonderful unique touch without overdoing it.
So, keep in mind: no exaggerations. It’s so easy to go from being elegant to being out of place.

Always be yourself.

Even if it is a special occasion, to be able to live it serenely, try to be yourself starting from the choice of the dress.
Do not wear clothes that tell the story of the woman you are not, because you will end up staging a bad copy of yourself. For what purpose then?
So try to not trade your personality for a handful of special effects.
Be yourself. Authenticity is the best gown you can wear. All the rest is only ornaments that we use to describe ourselves, with our image, to the eyes of others.
Therefore let’s give space to a sober elegance by feeling at ease.
This is the secret of the right gown that never betrays you.


Give color, but the right one.
Color gives and color takes away.
If the golden rule to be respected is to avoid stealing the scene from the bride, we suggest you to stay away from total white (exclusive color of the bride), from total black, from solid gowns of too strong nuances, such as total red or total fuchsia.
So, go ahead for soft tones, but also for more intense color palette. For example, green and blue, with all their nuances, are perfect colors for a ceremony.
When we talk about color, however, the fundamental advice is focus on a shade that better  match  your skin by making it shining of its own light.


The length.
We could tell you that your dress must never go above the knee or be so long as to have a train (that’s the prerogative of the bride).
We could also add that the perfect length goes from below the knee to ankle for daytime weddings and can go ashore (but not more) for evening events.
We could tell you many other things, but we prefer to underline how the perfect length for your dress is just the one that will allow you to wear it with gracefulness and security. Regardless of the centimeters of your dress, the choice is always a personal matter.
There’s a length that you will feel more tight for you. Listen to it. The rest will be done by the fabric, by the cut and by the details of the dress.


Arms and shrug.
A very delicate theme for the mother of the bride, but in general for all the guests, is the shrug.
The rule wants you to cover your shoulders, but if the arms are no longer so toned, however you can consider to have sleeves, even very light, to cover them. A right choice could be to focus on customized stoles, capes, shrugs that, in their tailoring, could become an accessory suitable for dressing your body and completing your look.


Attention to the accessories.
As we all know, accessories can enhance the beauty of the outfit, or they can completely outshine it.
So, pay attention.
From jewels to shoes, not to forget the bag, you have to take precious care of your accessories’ selection as much as you do for your dress research.
The choice of your shoes, for example, is a very delicate moment because most of the times we want to combine elegance and comfort, two essential features – especially if you are the mother of the bride and  have to face a very long and active day.
Closed toe shoes are always more formal than sandals shoes. A Chanel style could be a good compromise. Nude color shoes are a good option, since they match everything and they optically lengthen your leg.
Talking about shape and heels, you should follow your ankle and leg’s structure, and it’s important not to ignore potential feet problems. So, generally speaking, heels should be neither too high nor too low. If you have thin legs, it is better to wear stiletto heels. You should instead go for wide heels if you have stronger legs.
Regarding jewellery, let them be an added value and not just something to add. Jewels must enrich your outfit, without outshining it.
The bag should fit the situation, as well. Whether in fabric or jewel, medium or small sized, it deserves the same attention of the other accessories, and it should complete the whole outfit, without being an outsider, as we already said.


Take as much time as you need to choose!
The search for the right dress is a demanding path, full of doubts. That’s why you should leave haste aside. You deserve a stress-free trip.
Just like for the wedding dress, even the mother of the bride’s dress must be chosen in time, especially if it’s an exclusive dress, made to measure, that only couture tailoring can create. A perfect tailored dress, that is sewn following the silhouette and proportions of the woman who will wear it, requires time. The right amount of time to reach the right balance between elegance and the expression of a precise identity. It takes time, not only during the phase of research of materials and creation of the gown, but also for the possible alterations to transform the gown into a second skin for the woman who’ll wear it.
Today fashion offers many styles that follows the current trend, even for the mother of the bride. On the other side, couture tailoring can create timeless styles, able to adjust themselves to the woman’s silhouette but also to her feelings. Couture tailoring gives a second skin to the real one, without hiding it.

Entrust yourself to expert hands.
To dress the mother of the brides requires experience, skills, professionalism and a lot of dedication.
That’s why it is better to rely on expert hands for the big day.
Expert hands can guide with respect and give advices with an ethical behavior.
Expert hands can search for textiles, shapes, cuts, details that fit best your body and your personality.
Expert hands can enhance and highlight the feminine figure, remove all doubt and give positive feelings to make the choice of the dress an unforgettable experience.
Choose with extreme care the expert hands to rely on.

Therefore, in conclusion, we can say that finding the right dress for the mother of the bride is an intimate and profund matter that needs time, consideration and emotion. Every mother, in her own heart, knows how to face this research path, because mothers always know what to do. It’s their greatest quality.

Remember dear mothers:
Elegance, sobriety and personality.
This is all that your dress should have, formally.
Joy, smiles and a bit of genuine nostalgia are what we wish you can wear in that unforgettable day.
If it’s true that a gown’s beauty is often hidden in the details that make the difference, a mother’s beauty will be found in her heart, that speaks with the most universal language: the language of love.
And we all know that when love is the one that guides us in our choices, every gown can be the right one. You just need to feel it, and here we don’t have anything else to suggest you, mothers, you are unbeatable.

We wish you all a good research.

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