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This 2020 has started very differently from what we had imagined. Peter Langner has decided to react to this situation with his creativity and resourcefulness, seeing this moment as an opportunity to face a new challenge, a project that the designer had in mind since the very beginning of his artistic path.

“Growing up in a boarding school, the weekends were always a time to participate in some projects, especially in the long winter months. I was particularly lucky that my teacher dedicated her time to teach me sewing. She insisted that tablecloths and bed linens are some of the most difficult things to learn, where precision and accuracy show themselves in the beauty of our handmade items.”

Peter Langner Casa is a journey through the rural beauty of the typical Italian countryside, among soft colored bed and bath linens and colorful striped cushions, everything handcrafted in the Peter Langner's style, where nothing is random, but perfectly studied and developed in intriguing details.

The collection is driven by the passion for beauty, the Italian excellence, and a quality given by a masterful artisanal use of precious Italian and French fabrics.

It is a new life that perfectly reaches out to this new beginning, where we need to focus on a healthier lifestyle, surrounding ourselves with beauty that makes us feel good and peaceful. Playing our part in the creation of a sustainable environment, we produce this line with a zero plastic use, and only 100% natural textiles and fibers usage, like pure hemp and cashmere.

“Peter Langner Casa means for me coming back home, going back to my roots where it all started. The love for fabrics, the love for precision and clean lines.”

The designer wants to invite you to a “coming home” feeling, to enjoy and live the typical Italian Dream with luxurious materials, artisanal touches, scents to breathe and enjoy a moment of peace and quality time with family and friends.

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