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May 4th, 2020, ready for the reopening.

Peter Langner reopens his laboratory and personally awaits his employees at the entrance to verify that everything is in order and that the safety standards adopted for the second phase are respected.

In this very delicate phase, we are being helped by Peter’s meticulousness and typical German efficiency, both proving extremely useful, since he has very carefully drawn up with the help of a specialized company a complete protocol with new rules to be followed.


All the working staff must wear gloves and face masks on their way to work and they will have their temperature taken once they enter the laboratory. Used gloves and masks must be immediately sanitized and put into the workers’ own lockers. Shoes will be left in an area outside the workroom and everyone must wear a new face mask plus wash and sanitize their hands again after going inside the place.
Everyone must stay in its workstation and use its own sewing machine. It won’t be possible anymore to work on a different machine usually operated by a colleague. Opening hours will be staggered and it will be possible to work Monday through Saturday, thus on a 6-day basis, in order to guarantee wide distances between people. Luckily, we are helped by our laboratory big space that allows our seamstresses to work far from each other.

In the last few days, we had each space of our laboratory fully sanitized and we are planning many other sanitizations from now on. Preserving our employees and partners safety is the designer’s biggest priority and the base for our reopening. The staff is very sensitive and careful, and we are committed to assure a covid-free environment where we can create and produce safe garments in the maximum safety situation possible.

“We can’t wait to start again with what we rashly left undone on March the 9th” is the thought of one of our seamstress, “and today we are headed back to a new normality, made of new habits we are quickly getting used to, a new occasion to really do better”.

We have deep faith in this new phase: we want to contribute in the struggle against Covid-19 and be back to create beautiful gowns for our dear brides that await us with trepidation.



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