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As we face the promising horizon of 2024, one trend is set to reign supreme: the return of the bow on the wedding dress. Yes, you heard right: bows are having a moment, and we are here to explain why they are stealing the show!


The world can divide into two categories of women: those who hate bows and those who love them madly. Extremism aside, this can be a real passion and, when paired with a wedding dress, a truly irresistible combo.

Bows are more than just delicate details; they are statements of sophistication, adding a touch of whimsy and romance to your bridal look. Whether they cinch the waist or embellish the neckline, bows have the power to transform a dress into a timeless masterpiece.


In the history of bridal elegance, bows have always been the common thread throughout the ages. The perfect choice for the modern bride who appreciates a hint of tradition.


Since their heyday in the 80s, bows have made a comeback, reinterpreted with a modern twist. Classic and highly romantic, or even unconventional and over the top; bridal looks on the big and small screen have also helped make so many love stories memorable.


Iconic, on the red carpet many stars have chosen the Bow as a detail in their looks.


We will find out how Peter Langner has embraced this trend, incorporating bows of different sizes and styles to his bridal dresses. This trend, which has caught on in recent years, is a celebration of the art of dressing romantically and sophisticatedly on the most important day of a woman's life.


There is no denying their feminine and delightful appeal. Wedding gowns with bows also evoke sophisticated elegance. Wedding bows come in all shapes, sizes and textures.


Whether you opt for an oversize bow for a bold statement or smaller, softer bows for a touch of luxury, bows add that perfect taste of femininity and drama, capturing the essence of bon-ton and grace.


Bolder brides prefer the idea of oversize bows. Placed on the back of the dress or on the side, these bows catch the eye and add a touch of theatricality. This style is perfect for those who desire a modern princess look.

Brides seeking a more understated approach can opt for minimalist details. A more understated bow on the back of the bodice or at the waist adds a touch of femininity without being overdone. This minimalist style is perfect for brides who desire understated charm.


There is no escaping from this new but never forgotten trend.

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