Discover our new Peter Langner Casa collection


Peter Langner Bridal Collection 2020 brings with itself a magical and surreal allure that involves the audience in a fairy tale scenario, mixed with a romantic and naturalistic atmosphere.
This time two different worlds are combined together in the perfect mixture that creates a contemporary and eccentric collection.

Architectural and dramatic shapes, together with precious fabrics, create luxurious and sumptuous looks, enriched with big overskirts, oversized bows and fascinating drapings. More fluid lines and silhouettes, given by light and contemporary fabrics, give life to young and fresh styles, perfectly spring-like, creating a harmonious contrast with the others. Deep V necklines are alternated to boat necklines and open backs, always classy and perfect for every bride. Couture gowns in different shades of pink, gold and champagne, hand embroidered with Swarovski crystals and beads, are the final touch that embellish and enhance the collection with richness in warm and intense colors and embroideries.