Discover our new Peter Langner Casa collection


The new 2024 Evening collection by Peter Langner represents the meeting of drama and a taste for the spectacular. 
Light becomes the object of magic - the soft golden ivory of dawn, the shades of orange and magenta of sunset, to the darkest blue and black of night. For these new collections, Peter Langner, adopts and introduces sustainable fabrics to reduce the environmental impact of its productions. Low-impact organic fabrics were chosen for the creation of the new collection, hence “The Responsibility of Beauty".

Majestic looks, rigorous, structured lines in Bio silk Mikado, designed to look like sculptures and works of art, feminine transparencies and light fabrics, floral prints freely inspired by the imagery of Art Noveau swirled over the Brand’s typical architectural forms silhouettes all equally glamorous bathed in shimmering embroidery, crystal drops, and sumptuous geometric patterns embossed in recycled plastic.