Discover our new Peter Langner Casa collection


A glimpse of a courtyard from a gate left ajar awakens an air of peaceful relaxation and Made in Italy style. Spring is a time to seek tranquility and well-being in the comfort of nature in spite of the weather. Dynamism and charisma emerge from the combination of tradition and style, color and pattern, light pastel hues and pleated fabrics. Natural materials, like the porcelain used, and radiant colors are the key components for a quest towards practicality and aesthetic delight. Textured fabrics, like the silk jacquard, and contemporary patterns add dimension and personality to your evening and party look. A journey through the iconic Italian landscape where diffrent blue shades, pastel greens, and earthy neutrals recall the natural complexity of the outdoors. Refinement and practicality endow the wearer with the opportunity of limitless exploration.